Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What does Bear underwear, Carefree panty liners, and Yorkie dogs have in common?

Guess? Anyone?

My beautiful dumb new Yorkie dog is in heat. I have had her just about a month and she is already blessing me with her menstrual problems. Hubs thinks its good practice for when Thing 1 & 2 grow up and bless me with these problems. He also thinks it hysterically funny that I am fighting a dog in to a doggie diaper, that she can wiggle out of like hudini no matter how snuggly its on.

" I should just give up and lock her in her crate." Three weeks? In a crate?


He has no idea the kind of creativity this warped mind can dream up. I now have a Yorkie in a Build-A-Bear pair of undies that came complete with tail hole, and a carefree panty liner. She can't wiggle out of it, and the mess is taken care of with out having to banish her to doggie hell in the crate.

Yes, I am that good. Thank You, Thank You. Please no applause.


Carol Van Rooy said...

Pictures... we NEED to see pictures.

That reminds me of when my daughter was young. We dropped her off at my MIL's trailer for babysitting and were to later pick her up from their house.

When we got there she was dressed in a jaycloth with a maxi thin that had come as a sample in the newspaper attached to it.

My MIL had forgot the diapers at the trailer.