Friday, April 18, 2008

I Hate it when Hubs is Right!

I haven't really talked all that much (or any) about Religion. Its a topic I tend to shy away from since: a) I am a baptist that slides around on the slippery slope of backsliding on a consistant basis. b.)I have yet to find a church I can really connect to. c.) I haven't looked all that hard to find said church.

Now, that is not to say I don't have a relationship with GOD. We both know where I stand and I talk to HIM, and HIM to me, on a regular basis. Well... mostly regular. When I can shut up and listen it tends to go a little smoother.

Hubs, doesn't seem to have near the problems I do. He is pretty stable on his slope and goes to the church that the rest of his family goes to, on a semi-regular basis. Our girls go to Sunday School every week, and attend Youth-night every week. Yes, our church life is a mess...

ANYWAY, on to were Hubs was right and I am irrated.

So like I posted yesterday, I am BURIED under the piles that are my life. Usually I can hold on pretty well, but occasionaly they all attack me at once. This week they formed a union and revolted against me.

Last night I did what every Super-Mom-Who-Can-Do-It-All,-All-The-Time, does when she is feeling overwhelmed. I started whining and feeling sorry for myself looking for immediate soulutions. So as I am whining prioritzing all the things that needed done two days ago, and how we are going to pay for the new lawn mower we have to buy, finishing the house, paying for summer session college classes, Oh' and Thing 1 is going to need glasses, and Thing 2 just out grew her pants, AGAIN! And , crap, I have gotten to fat for my summer clothes, AGAIN..........

Hubs is sitting there looking at me like I am a moron.

I stare back, looking at him like "what are you going to do to fix this and my head?"

Hubs: " Why are you worrying about this stuff?"

Me, thinking, for someone so cute, you sure are dense sometimes,: " Well, what are we going to do, the savings is running dry, and you can't spend all your time working overtime, and I HAVE to take these classes to get in to this inclusive program NOW, or wait another YEAR, by then the kids will be grown and we won't need an extra bedroom, and we are going to be eating out of dumpsters and living in a cardboard box anyway......"

Hubs: " Leave it in GOD'S hands."

Me:" ........."

That's right, I had nothing to say. He is right. I have noticed that as times start getting rough, even if its only in my head, I tend to run from the One that is in control. I have never wanted for anything. Seriously, I have never ever been without the things I need or the things I want. GOD has always provided everything. Before Hubs was making good money and we both were working two jobs with newborn baby at home living in trailer house that was falling down around us, and we didn't know how we were going to pay the electric bill, GOD made sure we had everything we needed and everything we wanted.

The house stayed together, the money was always found before the electric was turned off.

I wanted to share, because I think sometimes I forget that I am not in charge, and I can't control the world. Its not my place, and worrying does not change anything. I read a book once, I think by Max Lucado (but don't qoute me on that)
and I don't actually remember anything about the book, or even the name. All I remember is somewhere in that book, there is a line that says:

" Leave your baggage at the foot of the Cross. "

So, that's what I am doing.


Carol Van Rooy said...

Well said. I guess we ought to all take a lesson from that.

I know too often in my own life I forget the simple things... but your right - Where there's a will, there's a way.

Leucantha` said...

Very true! I do the same. I get all worked up and then remember to just leave it in God's hands. Do what he says and it will work out. I needed that I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I found you through the bloggy giveaways, but I am really enjoying your blog. Keep searching for that church. We can't do the God thing alone for too long. Community keeps us sane.