Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Goodbye Dr.Pepper... You will be missed.

I am in a funk today. I am not really tired, but I have no energy to speak of at all. I have days like these all to frequently. I know, in the back of brain (where the logical sane part hangs out), that my diet and lifestyle is the cause. Way to much junk, stress,etc.


It is time to grow up, put on my big girl panties and start taking better care of myself. I am tired of being 40lbs 20lbs overweight.

Its the Dr.Pepper. I am embarrassed to admit that I consume probably close to 2 liters of this a day. Yes, 2 liters. A day. That wasn't a typo.

21 days to break a habit. I am swearing off soda for the next 21 days. I am going to drink tea or coffee to knock back the caffiene headache that is sure to come, but for the next 21 days I am saying NO to soda.

and I am making an appointment to check out Chantix. Yes, I smoke to. I have tried quitting many times, with many different gums and patches. Guess I didn't want it bad enough. Not even a cancer scare could make me stop. This time I am ready and I am all for any drug that will numb my nicotine recepters.

Hopefully, no bodies will need to be disposed of during the next 21 days.


Carol Van Rooy said...

My dad told me once of a story whereby you take a length of horse hair and thread it through a cigarette. Apparently the taste is so distinct that you'd be turned off smoking for good.

Perhaps, not the most ethical solution but definitely bizarre.

GOOD LUCK, I wish you strength.

You drink 2 liters a day and I can't think that I've ever taken of swallow of Dr. Pepper. Isn't it like drinking cinnamon soda.... GROSS

Bella Boutique Creations said...

LOL, Dr. Pepper kind of tastes like black cherry soda mixed with coke. I can definitely relate to the addiction to dr pepper. I CAN'T live without hazelnut Coffemate! It HAS to be regular not sugar free or fat free. I even bring it with me where ever I go!

GOOD LUCK with the kicking the habit. It isn't easy to stop a habit. Don't kick yourself, just pat yourself on the back for each day you succeed!

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

Wow..YOU GO GIRL! You can do it!! Swig water, I tell ya. It satisfies thirst and you'll begin to feel like you're doin' something healthy.

I wish you the best...YOU CAN DO IT!


Wifey said...

You can do it! I guess we should get prepared for some pretty interesting posts over the next 21 days - smiles! Hang in there...