Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My "Holy Grail" acne Cure.

I have had acne since I was 11 years old. I am talking real nasty acne. The kind complete with every color of "head" you can think of. Some are small, some are large, and some mimic a third eye. They all left scars.

Now I have seriously tried EVERY OTC and EVERY prescription since I was 11. I even did a round of Accutane, which is a seriously bad drug for the rest of your body, but worked quite nicely. As long as I was taking it. Eventually, I had to stop for fear of liver damage. Nasty side effects this one has.

Then I tried Mineral Makeup. I was skeptical, even though reviews for fantastic for the Bare Essentals brand. First I bought Sheer Cover from an infomercial. That did nothing for my acne, and didn't look anywhere near natural. Then I tried Raw Minerals. Nothing. Finally, I broke down and spent the $60 for a get started kit from bare Essentals.

Enter the Holy Grail! Looks natural, super easy to apply, and I went from acne that would rival a 14 year old to literally FLAWLESS skin.

I swear! Within a week, I went from at least 20 inflammed pimples and even more blackheads to SMOOTH CLEAR skin.

I don't care how much this cost I will NEVER go back. It worked right through "that time of the month". Not a zit to be found in over a month since I started using it.

Just try it.

(I am not getting any kick-backs or moolah to endorse this stuff. Its just that fantastic. I have never run across a cosmetic that will change your life before.)


MCmommy said...

Where do you buy this? I *think* I remember seeing a commercial on tv for something similar...but maybe it's not the same one? I can't remember. (big surprise there!)

debbie said...

I think you can still get it on tv. They also have a website., I think. Or if you live in a city where they have a Sephora store, they are carrying it now.

Un-Domestic Mama said...

I got mine from

debawriter said...

I got mine from Sephora, too.

And I love how it doesn't clog pores.

But have yo found it settles into your fine lines? Or I am just old?