Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hubs is always helpful, always thinking...

I am piled with homework. I think all my instructors are sadistic people with no life that have no kids and like to make my life miserable. I mean really, how important is it for a Med student to understand the inner workings of the human body? Oh.. it is important... huh.

So last night, as I am trying to finish assignments from one of my zibillion (that's a whole lot more than infinity) classes my brats wonderful well behaved children, are screaming and running circles through the house. Of course, that's only when they are not leaning over my shoulder screaming in to my ear 5 billion questions (that's a tad less than zibillion) that are probably so stupid they don't deserve an awns er. Like, if they could use the computer desk chair as a carnival ride and take it outside. Object of the game is to twirl your sister in said chair until you whirled them right off the porch. First one sporting a head wound loses!

My wonderful lazy Hubs is watching some stupid hunting show in the bedroom. He was smart enough to know when it is time to hide from them and he has learned the fine art of blocking out the screams. I really plan on learning to do this also, as soon as I get time to ask him how its done.

Finally, after I lost it and yelled for Thing 2 to get off Thing 1 and quit trying to steam roll her sister with the barbie car, Hubs decides to offer assistance. From the bedroom I hear this:

Hubs: What is going on in there? You two better behave! Un-domestic mama, Do I need to come in there and run intercourse?

Me: What? (my brain is trying to wrap around that)

Hubs busting out laughing: " I meant INTERFERENCE!"

Gee, wonder what he is thinking about while watching hunting shows.
Guns. Sex. Beer. Hunting. Why no Hubs, your not a redneck... why would I think that?


Carol Van Rooy said...

Beastility?!? Just kidding.

Your right.... that would drive me nuts too.

Wifey said...

Ha! You gotta love it... he was just trying to be helpful, right? Smiles!