Monday, April 7, 2008

I've Been Memed!

I got Memed by one of my all time favorite blogs Wifey's House. Fantastic blog for anyone married or in a relationship. She wrote a book too! Check it out. I am sure it will become one of your favorite reads too.
She is also getting a new look from TrendyMommyBlogDesigns and yours truly for winning the blog design giveway I hosted a few weeks ago. Be on the look out for that! TrendyMommy designs are the BOMB!

Now on to the Meme:

5 Classes I wish they would have taught in school...

1. Sleeping abuse- How to survive on no sleep and get through the co-sleeping years with as few brusies and bulging disc as possible.

2. Stylish Mama- How to look good on a Goodwill budget.

3. Body Enjoyment before kids- Enjoying your body and sex before the kids (concentration in understanding how your pre-baby body is not fat and that sex that takes longer than 5 minutes without kids is a blessing and should happen daily.)

4. Quicky with kids 101- How to have a quicky when the kids are knocking on the door and why foreplay is not necessary when its been a week.

5. Broke with kids- Making it through the lean years, and why you should save money BEFORE getting the positive pregnancy test.


Wifey said...

Too funny! I especially love the Quicky with kids - 101. Smiles!

Oh, and thanks for the kind words! :-)