Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is this withdrawl or am I crazy?

I am actually doing quite well without the Dr.Pepper. Okay, so I am weak. I had 12oz today. But that is better than the 2 liters I would have normally consumed. Don't judge me. You couldn't break this early.

We had a nature thing for Girl Scouts, so the girls can earn their nature badge thing. (Yeah, I am real attentive at these things) So I am walking around with a group of 18 girls and their mothers ( who all happen to look like those amazing moms that have their whole life together in a neat little package, and they get to shower every day.) So of course I am feeling like queen of the group with my spilled tea on shirt, headache from hell, and hair all tangled up in knotty/bun thingy on top of my head. I do make a pretty picture.

I am not an outdoors kinda girl. I don't like "critters" of any kind. If they sting and buzz around, I am gone. I don't like spiders, snakes, or even ladybugs. I can handle most butterflies as long as they don't land on me and are pretty. I was in my element. We are all walking around looking for nature things with my head about to explode and I start feeling like things are crawling on me.

These nasty little prickles of withdrawl are climbing up my arms and legs. Its been a long time since I had experienced caffiene withdrawl, but if I am having headaches and prickles the first day, then the next 20 are going to be fabulous!

I felt like I was going nuts. I can't imagine having real withdrawls like from crack or something. I am such a wimp. Or possibly crazy.

Then I realize that I am not a wimp or crazy. There are these weird little bugs falling out of the tree I am standing under CRAWLING ON ME!

Game over. I am out. I went inside and debugged myself and then sit on the nice pretty deck and observed in the saftey nice warm sunshine.


Carol Van Rooy said...

You've been tagged!!!