Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WFMW - Free Photo Editing Software!

What to be able to make banners and templates or just edit your photos? Don't wanna spend $100 or more to do it?

Well, then hop on over to and download your free copy.

I made my banner with it.

Quit laughing.

Anyway, free is the best price and they have a huge forum to teach you tricks with.


Phyllis Sommer said...

also check out Gimp, which is a freeware version of photoshop, and Picnik, which is a great online photo editor. They just opened up their "premium" stuff for free with advertising.

Thanks for the tip!

Un-Domestic Mamma said...

Hey Thanks so MUCH!!

I am really wanting something like Photoshop! I thought I would have to break down and dig in the couch cushions to get the change to buy it. Now I don't! Free is your friend.

Heart of Wisdom said...

Oh my, I love FREE! I will check this out.
Thanks so much for sharing.


Michelle Potter said...

I heartily recommend GIMP. I wouldn't call it the "freeware version of PhotoShop," though. That kind of sounds like it's a PhotoShop knock-off, or like the PhotoShop people put out something free -- meaning all the good stuff is taken out. Instead, GIMP is a fully featured image manipulation tool originally designed for Linux (now available on Mac and Windows), which is every bit as good as PhotoShop, but happens to be open source and free.

I first started using GIMP after I first installed Linux. I had previously used PhotoShop and found GIMP lacking in nothing. (Technically, GIMP lacks CMYK support, but your average user will never use this, or even know what it is.) Currently, while running Windows against my will (LOL), I only use GIMP. I have a copy of PhotoShop -- I just never bothered to install it on this laptop.

clippingimages said...

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