Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We're not a normal family?

I was in the kitchen last night, making dinner when Thing 1 (8 yr old DD) came inside from playing with her friends. That's when I found out we are not a normal family.

Thing 1: "What are you doing mom?"

Me: "Fixing dinner."

Thing 1: " Oh. You know mom, normal families already have dinner done when everyone gets home at night."

Me: Raise eyebrow and shoot the " I-will-take-all-your-Hannah- Montana -crap- if -your- insulting- me look.

Thing 1: "Uhhh, but its okay mom, we don't have to be normal. Can you make sure my brown stuff don't touch my green stuff?


smileyes said...

Your kids sound like a lot of fun. I bet they bring a lot of humor to your life. Come visit me and we can share stories.

Anonymous said...

That is very very funny - okay, maybe not so much for you but definitely for me! I came for the party and looked around, hope you don't mind.

danandmarsh said...