Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks for the Lemons Life.

Being a good God fearing southern Baptist, I do not put any merit in to horoscopes.

But right there, on the front page of MSN, mine was gleaming at me brightly this morning and could not be ignored.

It truly said " today is a good day to shop for clothes."

These horoscope people know how to get a girls attention.

And it couldn't be a better day to shop, as Hub ( I figured out a better name for him this morning! Dic....), woke up in a "mood."

Funny, I thought it was my week to have PMS.

Since he is so grumpy this morning, I can think of nothing better to cheer him up then dropping a couple hundred at Target or Old Navy.

I know if I was being a beyotch for no good reason besides the fact I like making people as miserable as me, that I would feel better seeing Hub in new clothes.

I think I will take all the lemons life is throwing at me this morning and squirt them on Hub, that way he has a reason to be a sour puss.


A Lost Writer said...

Love the lemon analogy. Although I have half a mind to use the real thing on my own DH. He's not a morning person and on my bad days (PMS included) this is what I'd like to do. Truly thank you for the idea. Great pic, too!

Carol Van Rooy said...

Just this morning on the radio, they were playing a contest called gender defender. They asked, "how long does a person remain miserable on average if they wake up in the morning that way?" The answer: TEN HOURS

Hope you can ignore him that long (HEHEHE).

Have a great rest of your day.

Un-Domestic Mamma said...

ACK! I hope he is better when he gets home for work.

Or I am dragging out the lemons!