Friday, March 28, 2008

Proof I am the greatest wife on earth!


Ever notice how old kinda sneaks up on you when your not looking? One minute I was a hot young thing with nice parts in all the right places, then I woke up with two kids and gravity hanging on everyone of my good bits.

After walking up the huge ass hill, some moron "core of engineer" built a college on top of and stuck the parking lot at the bottom of, I was pretty sure my knee was turning inside out. Or tying to pull away from my leg so it didn't have to go up or down the damn hill. EVER. AGAIN.

Then, I take my arthritic knee home and now my kidney is either getting even for the steady diet of Excedrin and Dr.Pepper (my first love) I consume or my left ovary is in its last dying throws of making my life suck.

The Hubs arrived home long after I had made dinner (ordered pizza) did the dishes (in the sink "soaking") and bathed the kids (let them play in the hose).

He came through the door sick as a dog with a migraine. He promptly ask for a backscratching, took some Advil and passed out across the bed.

See the problem here? He is passed out ACROSS the bed. MY bed. On MY side.

Seeing how he is sick and all I did what every loving wife would do.

I firmly planted my ass on his shoulder and my feet on his back.
And while he is struggling to breath a little, my booty and feet are nice and toasty.


A Lost Writer said...

hmmm....Boy, do I have a lot to learn from you. I thought (and was often told) that I was seriously un-domestic. Wait till they see your blog. You ROCK! ha...did you ever think your blog would be used as a tool to threaten unco-operative hubbies???? Well, that's exactly what it's going to do. Whooo-hooo... :) :)

Un-Domestic Mama said...

Glad you like it! That's why I am here, to serve as a warning. Tell him it could always be worse, he could be married to me! Teeheehee