Saturday, March 29, 2008

So Stylish I should Be a Model and Linky Love

Why is it that no one drives by my house until I sneak out to check my mail wearing no bra under my dress shirt, yoga pants, and socks with flip flops? I try not to make a habit of wearing socks with my flip flops.Don't be jealous you can't pull off the hoofed look as well as me. To top it off (pun not intended)I lost all rational thought about a week ago and got a perm. Now I look like carrot top

minus the red before I gel it all up.
(you know you want the Carrot!)

Now since I had oodles of homework nothing better to do I found lots of new (to me) blogs to share with you all. Even though I am sure I will lose the three readers that I have to them...

Not Quite What I had Planned
Serenity How
Mrs. Fussy Pants



Carol Van Rooy said...

Just realized my google reader wasn't successfully updating and so I didn't think you had posted anything new for a while.

I had soooo much to read becuase of it.

Subsequently. I'm back.

Are you going to post a pic of the new hair???

Have a great rest of the weekend.

YOur loyal fan.