Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beware the lizard tongue....

About a year ago, I adopted a six month old Yorkie. The sweetest little doggie. I know why they say that dog is man's best friend now. Thing 1 &2 decided to name him.


Yes, my lovable little doggie is named after dried nasal secretions.

Then about two months ago I decided that "Boogs" needed a friend.

What I now know is that I was obviously high on Mr. Clean when I decided this.

So now I have a beautiful female Yorkie named Quinn that we rescued.

She was obviously fed a steady diet of paint chips. I don't care what the vet says, she is not full Yorkie. The AKC has been tricked also. Quinn is part lizard and part rabbit.

Who was fed paint chips.

She bounces off things, and I don't mean in a cute way. She often goes off backward. Its like watching Tara Reid trying to appear normal. It's painful to watch, but also hilarious.

Quinn's tongue is like a lizards.

And your the fly.

She is tricky too.

Just when you think your safe, SLURP.

The lizard tongue has you.


Kwana said...

Welcome to the party! You are a brave woman with 2 yorkies. I've got 1 named Jack a year ago. Boy, I thought the kids were tough! I decided to make him the star of my blog. Might as well earn his keep. LOL.
Your blog is great. I'll be back.

Frances said...

You have a delightful writing style.
This party is amazing fun.
Happy Posting.

Frances said...
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