Friday, May 16, 2008

I'll finish this week or die trying!

Could this week get any longer? I sure as heck hope not!

Thing 2 graduated Kindergarden. She was so cute waving her little colored streamers to the song " over the rainbow" when she came in with her class. My little space cadet however, kept waving her rainbow through the. whole. graduation. My kid inattentive? Nah. She gets that from her mama. Ah well.

Thing 1 started volleyball camp this week. She has the coordination of a frog. She gets that from me to. Poor thing. All she can really do is hop after the ball. Plus if her chicken legs or wrist get any smaller the ball will break them. I don't know where she gets that. Now, I aint a "Big" mama, but I have never been "slight." Must be from her 6 foot daddy that weighs 220 and has muscles in his forearm bigger than my butt cheek. Yeah, that is probably were she gets all them bones.

Speaking of Hubs.... wonder were he is. I am not sure I have seen him this semester. If he was smart he ran off and found him ( or me) a wife that can cook and clean and do other wifey type stuff. Not one stuck to her laptop writing papers about bacteria and stem cells. Ehh. I am just so much fun, we all know he would never be able to replace me.

I am so far behind I think I passed the finish line going the wrong way. Tuesday I am done, even if I don't have all the work done. Sadly, I am looking foward to having nothing more presssing to do all summer than cleaning my ceiling fan blades, which I am scared to turn on for fear of being attacked by the dust on them.