Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog? What blog?

OHHHH!!! This blog. Yeah, I remember now.

Its been a while. Why, when summer time is supposed to be relaxing and easier, without the rush rush when school is in and the holidays seasons, is summer busier than any of the other times of the year?

I dunno either. I alternate between not being able to get anything done, to being bored out of my mind with nothing to do. Besides wait for the puppies to open their eyes so I can play with them.. Grow little mutts! Grow! Get furry and fat so you can trip me by being under my feet and chew up my favorite shoes.

Ahh. The waiting kills me.

My kids are summer school drop-outs. They went all of two days before proclaiming that mom was right, and children should not go to school during the summer. That's right. I am right and know-er of everything. WaaHAAA!

But with good things, like school being out, comes the bad. Like boredom. Thing 1 & 2 spent all of yesterday fighting over..... are you ready for it....


Yeah, like one of those brown boxes that target and other wonderful stores, ships things in. A box.

Out of the BILLIONS of toys and TRILLIONS of dollars I have spent on them, my kids choose to fight over recycled paper products.

*sigh* When does school start again?


Carol VR said...

You could always send them to the recycling yard to work for the summer. I'm sure they have plenty of cardboard boxes there to play with.

White Hot Magik said...

I like carol's idea. That lady can think. I do think I need to go get boxes for Tuesday when I watch the kids that would be awesome!